Drinky Crow
11:29 a.m. on April 01, 2004
Needless to say, I only lasted at that late night bar waitress gig for about two weeks. I was a terrible waitress & it was a scary place. I should have known something was up the day I applied for the job, when they called me that night at 2:00 am to start work the next day. I worked in the food section of the bar, but would have to go out into the bar area and try to get the drunks to buy burgers, fries or the pasta special. I was encouraged to flirt to try and get the patrons to buy me a drink. A few shots of tequila certainly did nothing to improve my waitress skills.

Everyone that worked there was an alcoholic, especially the owner, who’s pocked-face was swollen from all the years of liquor abuse. He was the meanest looking man in the world and had once beaten an obnoxious customer over the head with a pool cue, severely injuring him.

My friend had an extra ticket to see a band I liked on a night I had to work. I decided then and there to quit, so I called in and said I had been mugged and could not work there anymore. I know it is weird to make up a story, but I am not the type to pull a no-show & I figured the mugging excuse was very believable, considering the dangerous part of the city the bar was located. Without sympathy, they bought my story, & I was free from botching food orders and pandering to drunks.

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