Time Life
12:07 p.m. on May 13, 2004
One month before my Mom died, 2 turkey vultures were sitting in the tree outside my parentís house, wings spread wide, sunning themselves. The night before she died, a giant, flying cockroach, the likes of which I had never before seen, flew into her hospice bed & then rested on her reading lamp. I snatched it up in a paper towel before she saw it & kept the omen to myself. The morning after my Mom died, 2 fawns were born under that very room. There was also a squirrel present throwing acorns at whoever dared to be near the front door. There was also a giant potato bug in the living room a night later that just seemed too emblematic to ignore.

Losing her so suddenly to lung cancer has since sent my world into a spin cycle of grief and regret, but also joy and gratitude. That crazy, cosmic balance of the universe keeps me feeling like a buoy in the ocean during Monsoon season. The fact that we are approaching the two-year anniversary of her death, just makes it all the more blurry and surreal; everything about that time firmly cemented in my consciousness, but the desire to simply not believe it wins out.

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