The wind in the trees
12:59 p.m. on May 24, 2004
So, I am on my way home, leaving Saturday 5/29. I return to small town California where my Mom lived and died. June 1st will be the 2nd year anniversary from the day we watched her leave this world for the next. I am going home for her. Of course I am looking forward to seeing my Grandparents, my Dad, my brother & sister and their respective families, but the trip will be difficult. This will be the first time I will see my Dad together with his new girlfriend. Yes, he is already in love with someone else. My Mom had the foresight to warn me this would happen, stating that it only means that they had a good marriage of 40 years together. I told her she would not have to worry about that, but then I never believed she was really going to die. Strangely enough, my Dad fell for a woman who was actually friends of my Motherís, which does make it easier, since she loved and respected her, too. I am happy for my Dad, but this will not make it any easier to see him with someone new. From Seattle, I can still kind of pretend that my Mom is home, watering the garden or sitting outside reading a book under the oak trees.

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