Six degrees of Ronald Reagan
10:30 AM on June 09, 2004
Six degrees of Ronald Reagan.

How am I connected to Ronald Reagan? His daughter-in-law is my therapist. That is right, Doria Reagan, wife of Ronnie Jr. has been counseling me for almost 2 years. She had to cancel our appointment this week to be a part of the Funeral which is being broadcasted across the entire globe! Must be so weird to be such a big part of history, good or bad. Doria & Ron Jr. want Bush out of the White house, so thank goodness for that.

Here she is at the funeral, the short one in the middle. Here is a photo of her with the family during the Reagan Reign (she is the one in white):

Here is another picture of them in the 80's.

She is more of a hippy these days. If you have been watching any of the coverage, she is the pretty lady next to Ron Jr. with curly, mid-length, dark brown hair with the black sleevless dress. Right this very minute, she is on the presidential Boeing 747 helping to escort the former Presidents body to the capital. It just seems so crazy to me that a woman I have grown very close to who has played a key role in helping me deal with my own loss is experiencing what is probably the weirdest moment in her life thus far & I get to watch it on TV.

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