When will I crash
10:59 a.m. on June 25, 2004
I was almost killed on the expressway this morning by an errant garbage can. I saw it bounding around in my lane as the car in front of me struck it at 70 miles an hour, knocking it into the right lane. I thought I was safe, but we were on a sideways slant, so it just came rolling right back into my lane. I swerved as far over the left as I could, scaring the shit out of the guy driving next to me, but I still hit the full size Rubbermaid can. It hit the front right fender and bounced up into my windshield causing me to scream bloody murder. I knocked it back into the right lane, starting the scenario over for the car behind me. I was surprised I did not crash, because I am pretty sure I will end up in a tangled metal heap one of these days. I did not get my license until I was 25 and then still never really drove until recently when I became an interstate commuter. I have not yet been in an accident, but had another close call a while ago when driving on the highway with friends. I was in what is called a wolf pack, where there are about 10 cars in a pack in all 4 lanes, all going the same top speed. Out of nowhere a red Toyota Camry came zipping from behind and jumped in front of me. There was already a car in front of me, so not much room for this speeder to jump in. He immediately lost control and started swerving while I am just inches behind him. He swerved crazily and smacked into the car next to him in the right lane. Both cars start spinning, crashing into cars all around us. We watched the Camry spin from one side of the freeway to the other, finally stopping in front of us. I slammed on the breaks and missed hitting him by 2 inches, somehow being the only car in the wolf pack unscathed. Cars littered the freeway & everyone had shock and horror on their faces. To our total surprise, the Camry abruptly flees the scene. We drive after him to get his License plate number. He takes off going 100 miles an hour. My legs are shaking so much, I cannot keep up with him, but we did manage to get most of his plate number & made a call to 911. After such a close call, I fear my crash-free luck is running out.

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