Hot Oyster
10:34 a.m. on June 28, 2004
We went to yet another wedding reception this weekend. This one was a little more laid back, held on the lakefront for a Harley Davidson couple. They had salads from Costco & Barbecued ribs & Oysters. The second I got there, I was handed an oyster in shell fresh off the grill, with a garlic butter lemon sauce. I tipped it back to slurp & the sauce emptied out on the front of my shirt. I am cool like that. No one cared that I had a greasy front, so I still had a good day out in the sun, watching the boaters & egrets. A bald eagle was nesting in the tree right where we were. At first we saw the 2 juvenile eagles, flying & air fighting. They seemed huge, until we saw the mother, which looked like a flying panda bear through the trees when she approached her landing. While hanging out on the dock, a big burley Harley guy with a badly broken nose brought out the Yukon Jack. It got passed around and then he said: Give some to Mama. I was surprised to learn that he was referring to me.

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