A family of screaming gorilla's
2:51 p.m. on July 06, 2004
If I ever decide to shoot someone, I will do it around the fourth of July when everyone is so jaded to the sound of explosives, no one will care to investigate.

Had a perfect visit with my brother & his family. He was very gracious & appreciated my hosting excellence. At one point we played Poker, and when we laid down the flop (the first 3 cards to be laid face up in Texas Holdem) it was triple sixes. I screamed at the top of my lungs, started spitting at the cards and making voodoo signs with my fingers while mumbling: ďItís the Devilís handĒ. My 12-year old nephew, Eli ended up on the floor after my screaming startled him out of his chair. He did not know that 666 is considered the Devilís number. He is raised without religion, which is great, but also strange that he is not taught much at all along those lines. I thought the oddity of laying down triple anything, let alone trip sixes was worthy of a scream. I forget some people are not used to me.

Sasha & I got Eli to ourselves one day & took him to the zoo at his request. The zoo always makes me sad, but it is completely amazing to see so many different types of animals that ordinarily you would not be able to see. The Gorillaís were the best & the most sad. I could watch them all day. There is something so solemn and omnipotent in their faces, it breaks your heart every time they look you in the eye.

Here is the reading recommendation portion: Please read SICKENED by Julie Gregory. Not only is it a captivating story by a victim of Munchausen by Proxy (a terrible form of abuse where the caregiver, usually a mother, fakes a childís illness or purposefully makes them sick to seek attention from Medical professionals), but it is also perfectly written in a lovely, lyrical & rhythmical prose that stays with you.

The author also has a really great website

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