10:59 a.m. on July 08, 2004
Raven72d wanted to know how I got grounded for an entire year. There was a period in my early teens where I was grounded often for various nefarious activities, but at the height of my pubescent emotional roller coaster, I got in the biggest trouble yet. Towards the end of my freshman year of high school I decided to have a “kegger” when my parents went out of town one weekend. I passed out flyers that said: Bring $2 and a friend. The plan was to get a pony keg & sell cups for $2 to pay for it & maybe make a little extra scratch. I did not count on the fact that every single kid at my high school would turn up at my house, emptying the keg in the first 2 minutes. It got crazy. There were kids everywhere, the front yard, the backyard, the roof, and in every room of the house. I tried to block off the backside of the house to preserve my parents bedroom, but instead it was commandeered as the drug room. Kids were losing their virginity in my attic and puking in the living room. Someone had a drug freak out and broke down the bathroom door. At one point the cops came and kids scattered, busting the wall off the deck in their hurry to flee. A lot of the cool kids remained and we stayed up all night. Instead of hurrying to clean before my folks got home that evening, I went with the punk kids into town to look spooky & strange in public. By 3pm I was exhausted & only had a few hours to make it appear as though no party ever happened. This was impossible, as every bit of furniture had been moved and/or soiled. The phone was missing, as was the tap of the keg and the video’s we rented (A Clockwork Orange and Liquid Sky). There was so much damage done to the house, I had no idea how I was going to explain it without incriminating myself. The second my parents walked in the door, they asked me if I had a party. I said “no” and the shit hit the fan. My mom discovered her jewelry was missing and my dad discovered drug paraphernalia and I got in big ass trouble.

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