I am dreaming of an Internet wedding
1:14 p.m. on July 19, 2004
My Dad is hurting my feelings. Sasha and I are running off to Vegas to get married on Saturday and I kind of expected to hear from my Dad by now. Part of the reason why we are running off by ourselves and have not invited any family members, is because of my Dad’s girlfriend. I am just not ready to have her there in place of my Mom, so I would rather have no one. I asked my sister if this bothered him and she said he is on planet Krypton and is not thinking a thing about it. I would rather him be pissed than nothing at all. I had a dream that I was yelling at my Dad because he kept telling the same story over and over and he got mad when we had no response. I started screaming: “I have only heard that story 582 million fucking times”. He said: “What!?” I said: “I have only heard that story 582 million fucking times”. And then I pretended to go to sleep in the same spot in the family room where my Mom died.

Oh well, I guess I should only care about my poetic ride with Sasha on the roller coaster on top of the world / Stratosphere Hotel. It will be an Internet wedding, by the way, which cracks me up. Watch it live on the web!

We had a pre-Vegas BBQ toast this weekend with friends, so it is nice to have that perspective of love and caring. I think I will stay away from the Champagne from now on though, because that headache followed me around all the next day. Or maybe the headache is stemming from the lump at the base of my scull, which I am trying to remember if it was always there.

At the very core of everything, I am sincerely happy.

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