Letter from my niece
4:53 p.m. on August 02, 2004
hey colleen! good luck! i wish that i could be there and see it, but we will be in tahoe and your doing it in Vegas...but have the best time in you life! thank you for sending me the box full of stuff! i was so happy to get a package! you were the only one to send me one. i would have written you a letter instead of e-mail; but you probably wont be there when it arrives. i also wanted to congratulate you before you left! i'm so happy for you!!! i have a blast at camp and would have sent you a letter to you from camp; but i was so busy cleaning bathrooms and dishes that i didn't have any time to write anybody but my parents! gosh; you would not think that running a camp would be so much work. and having my job description as if something needs to get done i'm are the one to do it doesn't help. but apart from the hard hours and hard work, i had the best year, and i'm already practically signed up for next year! i think that instead of being a CIT though, i'll be a cook. it's a different job, and i've wanted to do it for years! so hurry up so that you can come down and see us all! we need to have a PARTY! that and i have my permit now, so i can drive as long as your older then 25. hehe, i got it this morning, and i LOVE driving! so you can have you own driver when you come down. because you have to come down before i get my license. if i have my license by the time you come down; it's been way to long. but i'm sure it wont be that long, as christmas is coming up, and you should come down for that! i miss you, so we should screw our busy lives and see each other. that and i should get a job so i can go up there! that woudl be fun! summer can not be over half way over! NOOO!!!!!!!!! i don't want to go back to school. summer just started! he, guess what..... i'm almost 16! it's about time too, i've started telling every body who asks that i'm already 16. saves time that way. so you have to write me back and tell me every thing that is going on in you live. hopefully you'll write back before you know {hint hint ;)} and you have to tell me how your rash thing is going, i've heard that it's getting better. so write back soon. until then love you always! kaitlyn ~p.s.~ if i sound like a dork, it's because i am~ and i've been at camp the whole summer, it tends to have an effect on you sanity. it's fun though!

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