Pretty Odd
9:20 a.m. on August 06, 2004
The Support person is a beautiful Swedish woman named Dagmar. She has the classic blond hair, blues eyes and perfect skin. She is also a bit of a kook. She wears a coat all day every day. Her cubicle is directly across from mine and our doorways are open to each other, so we are literally 14 feet away and in view of each other. Still, she insists on having email conversations like this:

Dagmar: Would it be better if I took Thursday or Friday off?

ME: Either one is fine with me:

Dagmar: OK, then I will take Friday off.

ME: OK, thank you.

Dagmar: You bet

If I decide to break protocol and actually verbalize my response, she will get up out of her seat and leave in mid-conversation as if something urgent has come up. She will do this in the event of any discussion, even with her boss.

Dagmar: Is $5 OK as a donation for the flowers?

ME: $3 will be fine.

Dagmar: OK, I will bring it in tomorrow. (I can literally hear her typing her response)

ME: Thank you

Dagmar: You bet

The opposite of her is the Chief Science Officer (God, I wish that was my title). He needs constant attention and would never last a full day by himself. Luckily the clinical specialists will occupy him most of the time, but often it befalls on me to be his audience, as Dagmar will just get up and walk away from him mid-sentence.

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