Haunted Hotel
3:15 p.m. on August 10, 2004
I worked at the Claremont Hotel for over 7 years, but knew immediately that it was haunted. The hotel was undergoing constant renovations, which is the surest way to stir any ghost. It was built in 1926 and was first an apartment hotel used to house people traveling to and from Alaska and later turned into a co-op, before becoming a real, full service hotel. When I was there, some of the people that had bought apartments there still lived there and they were getting quite old. Many people died in that building over the years, including one tenant named Kay. The EMTís brought down her body via the elevator and they took her out through the lobby. My friend Chris who worked the front desk said when he got in that elevator a bit later, it was cold as an icebox. Back in the 60ís, the housekeeping staff doubled as prostitutes. One of them either jumped out or was thrown out of the 9th floor window onto a vent on the 3rd floor roof. You can still see a dent there to this day. Another decade later, a female guest dove out of her 10th floor hotel room into the 4th avenue traffic below.

When I was there, the old owners of the hotel still lived there, Dick and Velva Stampton; those were their actual names. I would sort their mail and Dick had a subscription to Playboy magazine that arrived in a brown paper cover. Dick ended up getting terminal cancer and soon became despondent. There was worry that he would jump off the roof, but instead he took an overdose of Morphine, which ended his suffering. Some say he still haunts the building.

There have always been complaints of strange, unexplained noises, especially from room 904 in the summer of 1998. Almost nightly people complained of not being able to sleep due to the rattling and goings on in the room above them. Thing is, that room was closed for renovation and uninhabited by anyone of this earth.

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