Sushi Land
2:51 p.m. on August 19, 2004
We went to the bitchen-awesome Sushi place for lunch again today. It is so good and so cheap. It is the revolving Sushi where it goes around on a rotating track, so it all circles around the room and passes your table. You can grab whatever looks good & then they just count up the number of your empty little plates when you are done. The plates are different colors with different prices that are $1.00 for the green plate, $1.50 for the orange plate, $2.00 for the blue plate and $3.00 for the purple plate. There can be anywhere from 2 6 pieces of Sushi on each plate, so you can fill up very fast for little money. I am a serious white chick, so I mainly eat the $1.00 & $1.50 plates that are the California rolls or fake crab or egg somethingorother. I could just eat avocado & rice wrapped in seaweed & I would be fine, but sometimes I venture out & eat the fried fish balls or the octopus tentacles or the tuna belly. Usually we sit in a booth where the rotating sushi floats by your peripheral, but this time we sat at the counter where it floats by your direct eye line, so as you eat the sushi, you watch it moving passed you constantly. It can create an odd feeling of sea sickness with the ocean of raw fish moving around you at all times. They are constantly adding new stuff to the track, so as it moves by, you just grab more and more. I tried to show restraint today, because I hate leaving there with an overly full belly, but a guy we were with had 14 empty plates in front of him by the time he was done. That would be an average of over 50 pieces of Sushi & he did not share one piece. I hope his belly does not pop. Sitting at the counter, you can also watch them make the Sushi. They had this cool little machine that poops out preformed balls of rice called the Sushimi Machine. It is sort of assembly line with one guy wrapping the rice balls in seaweed, one guy slicing up squid and octopus and dollops of raw fish, another guy with a blow torch for searing stuff and another guy doing godknowswhat with all the other weird food items. If you are ever on 5th Ave. near Roy in Seattle, check out Sushi Land, for sure!

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