The Trouble with the Bunny Park
2:12 p.m. on August 24, 2004
Between Greenlake and the zoo lies Woodland Park, a cool park filled with wild bunnies. I am not sure of the history of the bunny park, but my guess is that many years ago, some family no longer wanted the live bunny they got their kid for Easter, so they dropped it off in that park where a few other Easter bunnies had already been abandoned and then the bunnies got together and procreated like rabbits! Nevertheless, every year there are more and more bunnies, as the hawks and other birds of prey cannot keep up with them. It is a wonderful place to wander, as you literally see dozens of bunnies in all shapes, sizes and colors, all nibbling away at the grasses. If you bring carrots or lettuce, you can sit on the grass and soon be surrounded by carrot and lettuce loving bunnies. A few months ago, I took my visiting nephew to the bunny park and he wanted me to pay him $5 if he were able to touch a bunny. I agreed and he immediately lay on the grass like a soldier and scooted and crawled his way slowly toward a group of bunnies. He was not able to touch them, but he took this picture, which I believed worth $5.

Anyway, the trouble with the bunny park is that it is also an off-leash dog park. Some cruel canine owners allow their dogs to chase after the poor little bunnies for sport. I came across a black little rabbit the other day just running around in circles. It looked like he had been chased and terrorized so much, he had a stroke, so the left side of his body was paralyzed, while the right side of his body wanted the hell out of there. Also, due to the all too real way that bunnies produce offspring at an alarming rate, there is literally a population of about one million bunnies. Due to the high volume of bunny residents, I believe some of them try to leave the bunny park for greener pastures and as a result end up as bunny road kill on the many roads that surround the park. Now just being near the bunny park can lead you to a horrific seen of many bunny bodies balled up on the side of the road or in the middle of the freeway. You will even come across rabbit carnage inside the park due to rampant dog mauling. What was once a sweet jaunt through adorable bunny land is now a disturbing trip to bunny bloodbath. SAVE THE BUNNIES!

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