11:56 a.m. on September 01, 2004
I had a little breakdown yesterday incited when I realized the ring my mother gave me was missing from my finger. I freaked, because this is the ring that I believe (and yes, I know this is crazy) that she gave to me AFTER she died, so you can understand the significance of losing it. I was driving home, when I noticed it gone and I screamed bloody murder at the stoplight. I got home & spilled the contents of my backpack to the floor, in hopes it somehow fell inside when I was getting out my wallet earlier. It was not there or anywhere I searched. Sasha was home and I just began to uncontrollably sob. I had actually dreamt about her the night before. She was visiting and we were all sitting around her, my dad, my sister, my brother and myself. She was telling us about her trip and how amazing it was and what a good time she was having. I told her that I can usually feel her with me, but that there have been 3 or 4 specific times when I was certain she was here, one of which was when she made sure I got that ring. She confirmed that she had been with me. I then asked her what do I do when I needed her, yell her name really loud at the clouds? I donít know if she answered. Sasha suggested that I retrace my steps, but the only place I had been to was some lousy discount store. I called them and asked if they had a lost and found and they asked me if I had just lost a silver ring with the word ALWAYS inscribed inside of it. YES! The miracle ring has been retrieved. It is not as important to know that she is here, as it is to know that she is somewhere.

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