Because he really was
11:12 a.m. on September 13, 2004
I am sort of in love with Aron Ralston, the guy that was hiking in the Utah canyonlands and became trapped in a crevasse for 6 days with his arm pinned by an 800 pound boulder. He ended up cutting off his arm on the 6th day with a one-inch dull blade, hiked for 8 more miles without food or water and even repelled down a cliff while losing a quarter of his blood. I was nothing like him to begin with, before his impossibly heroic act of saving his own life. He is a mountaineer, who climbs up the side of ice walls. He is a runner, a kayaker and an all around adventurer. I like a little adventure, but I am a total lazy ass. I am not saying I would not go to extreme measures to save my own life, but I would never have been in his exact predicament of hiking alone farther than my own back yard. I do admire that kind of drive, and wish I had a tinge more of that in my personality. Perhaps the biggest clue into his character, is the fact that he wrote a book about his unbelievable survival and named it “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”.

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