Too Flat
12:24 p.m. on October 05, 2004
I got a flat tire on the way home and it was actually a pleasant experience. It occurred at the best possible time; I was less than a mile away from where I live when I heard that familiar fwump fwump sound. I asked it to please at least get me home without trouble and it obliged my request. Once home, Sasha filled the tire back up with the air compressor he keeps in the garage and we were on our way to the used tire store. He had been harping on me to get better front tires, so now was the opportunity while we asked them to plug the back tire that had gone flat (turned out there was a nail jammed into it). The used tire store was fast, efficient and CHEAP. $60 bucks for two tires & one plug, including labor & tax. It was fun watching them work on the tires and the guy helping us was super sweet with a big, bright white-toothed smile that I wanted to keep seeing him make.

This was way better than the other time I got a flat tire which occurred on the expressway during morning rush hour. I heard the fwump fwump fwump and tried like hell to get to the exit, but before I could the whole tire came off in the middle of the freeway and my rims made this horrible grinding sound as they came in contact with the road. I pulled over as far as I could and hopped out. It was of course pouring rain, but I had to get my tire out of the middle of the road, because it had stopped a school bus, which in turn stopped all the traffic in that lane. I quickly grabbed the tire and the rubber burned my hand. I hurriedly hopped back in the car hoping to god that the high-speed traffic steered clear & did not careen into me in the low visibility of the morning rain. I do not have a cell phone, so I just had to sit there and wait. And wait. And wait for almost 90 minutes until finally roadside assistance hooked me up and put on my spare tire (Thank you roadside assistance). After work I went and spent $125 on a new tire, because I was unaware of the beauty and practicality of a used tire shop.

Watch out for nails.

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