Ring Ring. Hello?
11:40 a.m. on November 12, 2004
Two days ago, my left ear began inexplicably ringing and has not stopped. I can also only hear muffled sound out of it. The timing that it was only a few days after posting about my Momís hearing troubles was not lost on me.

Yesterday I began to get an ache in the back of my head and neck, had a low-grade fever and generally began to feel unwell. I went to the doctor today and he says I may have an Acoustic Neuroma; a benign tumor in my ear canal, which would need to be surgically removed. If the tumor is small enough, they would take the middle fossa approach of surgery and make an incision in front of the ear. A small square piece of bone from the side of the skull is then removed. The tumor is removed completely in most cases. In about half of the patients, the tumor involves the hearing nerve or the artery supplying the inner ear and in such cases, total loss of hearing occurs in the operated ear.

I am scheduled for an MRI on Monday to see if this is in fact the cause of the blasted ear ringing.

Have a great weekend!

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