12:31 p.m. on November 23, 2004
My 16-year old niece is out on her own from California visiting me this week. Yesterday we went power shopping for 5 hours straight. I got her knee-high, 4-inch heal, red, leather boots. The shopping rule is, if you find something that you love, that is in your size and comfortable and looks damn good on you, you have to get it no matter what.

She is quite different from me, when I was her age: She has a good head on her shoulders, is outgoing, does her homework, has actual plans for the future and has more emotional maturity than I do now. She is going to be a writer and already has 15 pages written on her first novel, with an idea for a trilogy. And it is good, too.

I am at work now, totally exhausted.

You could power Amtrak across the United States on her conversational energy alone.

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