I don't think she has ever even been grounded
11:09 a.m. on November 29, 2004
Well, my 16-year old niece who was spending the week with me has now gone home to California. I actually cried a little bit when I left her at the security gate at the airport. After I left, her flight kept getting delayed due to mechanical difficulties. She ended up spending 7 hours in the airport by herself, but was not pissed at all. When I spoke to her later, she had a very enlightened attitude of how getting upset is not going to help matters and how it all turned out for the best.

She is a sweet, smart kid with a lot of character; I know she can do whatever she wants with her life. The funny part is that I see none of myself in her at all. She gets good grades, stays out of trouble and does not seem to let the world bother her. Was I that much of a fuck up? I told her stories of all the times I cut class and all the times I spent in detention in the high school she is attending now and she would share her stories of honors chemistry and being the youngest junior counselor at camp. She gets along with her parents, whereas all I wanted to do at her age was get the hell out of Ukiah, move to New York and live with my pen pal. If I was at home, I was in my bedroom. This meant freezing in the winter, because we did not have central heating. If you wanted to be warm, you had to be in the living room next to the wood-burning stove where my parents were watching TV. I preferred to freeze in the arctic confines of my bedroom, writing letter after letter to as many people who lived outside of our small town as possible.

I donít know why I was so petulant; I think my hormones were all bunched up. I did lighten up a little by senior year. I have always done whatever I wanted to do and accomplished all I have set out to, but I never had long-term plans and life goals like my niece. She has her future all mapped out and it is going to be spectacular.

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