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1:28 p.m. on January 07, 2005

I had a job interview today. A few weeks ago I started getting paranoid that I was going to get laid off from my current job, so I sent out my resume in response to one job ad. To my surprise, they called me in for an interview stating they received 158 resumes and I was one of the 12 finalists. Hot dog!

Since I sent out that one copy of my resume, I have started to feel a little more secure in my current position and felt sort of guilty going in for that interview this morning. I showed up 20 minutes early and sat in my car re-reading the job description. Then I began to prepare my handshake. It is imperative that your hand remains at a neutral temperature with little to no moistness when shaking hands, especially with a potential employer. This was difficult since Seattle is currently experiencing a “cold snap” so I had to stick them in my underwear and warm them up on my bare ass while sitting in the car with the heat running. This worked like a charm and I greeted my interviewer with a confidently swift shake of her hand.

I have probably interviewed over two hundred people in my career, but I still hate to be interviewed myself. I tend to panic and lose all recollection of my previous experience. I also could not help but critique her interview style. She failed to offer me water and her questions were extremely basic, drawing very little information. She would ask if I knew how to do something and I would answer, yes, I know how to do that very well, I love doing that.

I left feeling like I did pretty well. I feel I have about a 20% chance of getting the job, which is fine with me. If offered this position, I would feel torn about leaving my current job.

Here are the pros & cons of each job:

Much higher pay
Located in quaint area 4 miles from my house
No commute
Better challenges
I would have an actual boss
Could go home for lunch

Much harder work & higher stress level
I would have to start all over with vacation & benefits
I would have an actual boss

Meaningful work helping cancer patients
Free food
Casual attire, YES!
Dot com atmosphere with ping pong & foos ball
Free food
Easy. Lots of downtime to surf the web

Could get laid off
Little to no challenge
In a wage freeze since I got here & I am BROKE
Will lose 50% of stock vestment if I leave now

La la la. Oh well. We will see what happens.

Have a superb weekend.

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