12:33 p.m. on January 10, 2005

It snowed it snowed it snowed. Growing up in an area of California that rarely got snow and then moving to Seattle where it also rarely snows makes an actual snow day an enormously exciting event. The weather had been at the top of the news for days. Forget about the Tsunami disaster or the war in Iraq or the lady that got run over TWICE, because the fact that they were predicting snow to hit this area was THE news story on every channel for a week straight. Usually when they say it is going to snow, it does not and you end up getting your hopes dashed. On Friday night we were watching the 11 o’clock news and they said it was indeed snowing. Immediately I had to put my coat on over my Jim-jams and ran, slipper clad, out the door. Sure enough, it was POURING snow and already beginning to stick. I went to bed with sugar plums dancing in my head and when I awoke at 1:00 am to use the bathroom, I peaked outside and was delighted to see a thick, white blanket stretching across our neighborhood.

The next day, Sasha woke up at the ungodly hour of 8:00 am and practically leapt out of bed, shouting: “SNOW!” I found this quite humorous, as he is from Wisconsin and normally scoffs at my excitement over the white stuff. There was just enough to make it satisfying, but it was no longer coming down. After playing in it for a bit, the sun came out and threatened to take it all away. The neighbor kid had a built a brilliant snowman, and in his terror over the mean sun coming out, he got out some wood and nails and built the snowman a little house to shield him from the dangerous rays.

By evening it was mostly gone and so we went out to play cards and drink too much. I stayed up too late and while in a deep sleep, I had a weird dream where I was involved in some kind of séance and was trying to commune with a male baby who had passed. In my dream, I fell into a deep trance-like state on top of already being in a deep sleep in real life. And then the phone rang and I was suddenly brought back to the mental surface like coming out of a vat of jell-o. It was Aimee calling to say that a ton of snow had dumped on us during the night at that it was time to play. I looked outside and it looked like someone took a hose and sprayed foamy soap all over the neighborhood. It was falling out of the trees and off power lines like globs of cool whip.

I was running around outside all morning in my boots, heavy coat and Pajama bottoms. I threw snowballs, shoe-sledded, made snow angels and made a few snowman heads to put on top of our cars. The snowman head was still in tact on my hood as I drove to work this morning. The only way it could have been more perfect is if the snow day occurred during the workweek giving me the perfect excuse to play hooky.

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