Notify List, Squirrels & Canada
11:12 a.m. on January 19, 2005

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I have my little Snow White ritual every morning when I feed the woodland creatures that live in my neighborhood. As soon as I open the door to the back yard, four fat, fuzzy squirrels come running up to me. I hand them each a peanut in shell, which they will immediately begin to nibble. I will continue to throw handfuls of nuts in piles throughout the yard until I hear the twitter of the Stellers’ Jays and the caw of the big, black crows alerting each other that breakfast has arrived. I often fantasize of holding out my hand with a crooked finger for a wild bird to come and perch, but that never quite happens. The windows overlooking the back yard are floor to ceiling, so my cats (who are forever indoors) can sit and watch the animals outside and dream of the hunt.

We also have a squirrel bungee. That is two pieces of dried corn on the cob tied at the end of a long bungee cord tied to a tree. The corn hangs about two feet off the ground, so the squirrels have to take a flying leap at the stalks. They grab on and Boing-boing on the bungee, grab some kernels and leap off like a hilarious circus act. This provides us hours of entertainment the way drugs and sex used to. Now I am sad.

Tomorrow is the inaugural, so I am leaving the country. Going to Canada for the weekend, the border of which is just an hour’s drive and then the city of Vancouver is another hour from there. This is a chick road trip with my best girlfriend from High school. Much swearing and vodka drinking will be had. Luckily I am pre-menstrual, so we will have that to talk about. Upon our return to the U.S., I half hope they will search us at the border. The only thing they will find is some cool Canadian candy and maybe a Cuban cigar.

Have a good weekend, don’t forget to join the notify list, if I am not your “buddy”. I leave you with a photo of my friend, the Steller’s Jay.

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