Twin Cousins
9:24 a.m. on February 04, 2005

I have a twin, or two twins. Well, I have twin cousins and I was born on the same day they were, but exactly two years later. This made me sort of the 3rd twin, because we would celebrate our birthdays together every year. My twin cousins, Kevin and Dennis, are fraternal, which means instead of being identical, they are exact opposites. One has blond hair, the other brown. One is gay, but the other is not. One is a smoker and the other worked for the group that got smoking banned from commercial flights. When one is skinny, the other is not and then they switch.

I consider myself more of a real twin to Kevin; we are just more alike. We bonded in our youth and always played together, while Dennis would play with my older brother killing squirrels and wreaking havoc. I was queen Colleen and he was King Kevin. We would dress up or play make-believe. We even made up our own twin language and would speak it in front of strangers to freak them out. Do you remember that movie “Return from Witch Mountain” about the twins with Supernatural powers? We would pretend that I was Tia and he was Tony and this would go on for days at a time. I thought when we grew up that we would be married. That would have been wrong in a couple of different ways.

Fast forward to 2005. So many birthdays spent together, time carrying us to our mid thirties and beyond. Birthdays take on a different meaning these days with all 3 of us living in a different state. I remember every cake tasted and every candle blown out. Have a good one, twin cousins, I will be thinking of you.

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