12:38 p.m. on March 31, 2005

OK, first let me explain the previous Poop Post. It was mainly filler to get past the 199th post. This means that this post is my 200th and it conveniently falls on the anniversary date of this diary. The fact that I have been doing this for one year is quite surprising to me, and I think it is pretty cool. Diaryland has become an integral part of my daily routine for the last 12 months and I cherish the people I have met through this as well as the relationships that were strengthened as a result. The only other time I kept a diary was when I was 18 years old. My plan was to post entries form that diary, but after reading through it and seeing how horribly bad it all is. I think I will save posting some snippets from it for my 201st post instead.

I am not a photographer, but more of a documenter. I tend to take photos during most life events and then throw the developed shots in a giant, unorganized box. This would be an OCD sufferer’s worst nightmare. I have about 3 large boxes of photos from every era of my life all mixed together with no structure whatsoever. Last night I reached into one of the boxes and pulled out a big handful of images; I then weeded it down to 20 shots that represent some bits & pieces of my life. A brief glimpse that really does not tell you much, but what the heck:

Hopefully this is self-explanatory. 1991

When Jacki, Kathy & I worked the late-shift packing pears at the pear sheds, we would stop at Denny’s on our way home at about 3:00 am. These were some of the Denny’s workers who always got an extra tip in the form of a Bartlett pear.

San Francisco South Van Ness 1993

NYC 1988

ME 1991

This is my cat Jiffy when he was just a kitten (he is 20 pounds now). Seattle 1998, in my first Seattle studio apartment.

San Francisco Geary Street 1992

Sasha 3 months after we first met, Seattle 1999

Seattle landmark 1996

A stalker photo of a neighbor I was obsessed with when I was living on Hayes Street in San Francisco, 1990

A pen pal. 1992

My brother, Ukiah, CA 1992

I took this at a party at Epicenter Zone in San Francisco. The worst tattoo I have ever seen. 1994

Some of my art 1993

Ditto 1989

This is one of my prison pen pals. 1990

At a party, this guy put on my roommates dress and made me take pictures of him. Seattle 1996

The F train to Coney Island. 1988

Diner in Napa, CA 1989

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