Entry possibilities
2:38 p.m. on May 06, 2005

Should I write about how last night we swapped the car for hard cold cash and then danced around? We took our windfall to do some commemorative shots of tequila for Cinco day and then stumbled around the superstore looking for a fish scaler.

Or should I write about how the Sushi I just had for lunch has filled my gullet so taught, I have to unbutton the two top ones on my pants while I type here in my work cubicle?

I could write about the how on my drive to work with morning there was a man driving erratically in one of those cars that look like a modern hearse, what are those cars called?…uhhh…Oh! PT Cruiser. He kept veering into the other lane and looking generally unsteady. At the stoplight, he opened his car door and leaned out haphazardly. I kept waiting for the puke to pour out of him, but it didn’t. Once the light changed he drove on, but a minute later, he was gushing out his side window. He never did pull over.

Also on my commute to work that may warrant a mention was when I was driving down a notorious part of Aurora, I saw a girl with no shoes running after a dude on a cell phone. The whole time she was scratching her belly with one hand and grabbing her coochie with the other.

Or I could go in a different direction and write about the time when I was in love with a female to male transsexual named Lenny…

Or maybe I will post an image of a random flowchart:

Or maybe I will just mention how kick ass stoked I am that it is Friday and wish y’all a perfectly fabulous weekend.

I kiss you.

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