Over tha brotha crazy ass wigga killa
4:08 p.m. on December 14, 2005

I clicked my RANDOM ENTRY BUTTON and then had it translated through


I have `bout 800 bras n nizzle of them fit me quite right yaba daba dizzle. If tha straps is not fall'n dizzy thiznen mah boobs is eitha fall'n out tha bottom or popp'n out tha top bitch ass wigga. Some gizzle me uni-boob, while brotha perfectly flatta tha bosom at tha same tizzle tha gangsta wizzle digs into mah flizzay . Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit. Otha may fit wizzell, but makes mah breasts look like shiznited socks. I hizzle probably spizzent a million $$ cash-money on bras in mah lifetizzles so it J-to-tha-izzust seems absurd thizzay none is quite rizzight. Do tha Victoria Secret models have tha same problem, or is mah double D's jizzay being difficult? Do men have this kind of shitsucka wit they jocks? Damn!

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