Guest entry: Adelnye
12:59 on Tuesday, Mar. 28, 2006

In my lackadaisical state of mind, I had failed to detect the tiny link that said, "Post as Guest? Coldandgray" when I first clicked in absolute certainty that my name would definitely be one of the many that were chosen. Yes, as one can clearly observe from the above statement, this says quite a fair bit about me:

  • My lack of understanding simple instructions and the English language.
  • The 'observant' creature that I am.
  • Most importantly, the world revolves around me.

Are you "curiously mesmerised" by me yet? Apparently coldandgrey was... that is after I had whinged about the comment in which she had first given me ("curiously strong"). There, now you know how this 'affair' of ours started.

Frankly speaking, I've read plenty of guest entries but never done one for another myself.... therefore I have decided that any deficiency of words on my part shall be substituted with pictures instead. Hence I shall leave you all with a rare glimpse of the cuteness of me and my gorgeous boy, Doc. (Ahem... I do sincerely apologise for not knowing how to resize.)

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