Hot Pits
10:31 a.m. on 2006-03-28
Hiya - Sbellem here...come close campers I have quite the story to tell..

I have Hot Pits and I hate it.

I have been trying to gently shift my life into a more granola type of living. I buy organic eggs from free range, vegetarian fed chickens for $3.99 instead of $0.79. I try to buy vegetables with out the disgusting waxes and make up not tested on little bunnies. Itís hard because all of this is significantly more expensive and I donít make all that much of the green stuff. But I try. So when I saw a new deodorant stick all natural like without all the gross chemicals and my usual brand was sold out, I bought it right away.

Remember this isnít an Anti-prespirant. Itís just deodorant. The idea is to not apply the nasty chemicals that stop you from sweating because surely that canít be healthyÖit all seemed so logical and a had a nice clean citrus smell to it.
Day one-feel uncomfortably damp.
By day two -Finn had given me a welcome home hug and said, ď Iím sorry honey but you smell a littleÖB.O.íish.Ē I realized I would need to carry the deodorant stick with me. This sucks but I carry a gigantic bag/purse/hobo type bag so it was manageable. Need multiple applications. So that was that, I figured I could make one more sacrifice to go more organic.
By day four I had a slight rash under my left pit. It didnít hurt though and I assumed this was just some chemical adjustments on my side.
By day five I began to itch. Itch bad. It felt like hemorrhoids under each pit. The skin was forming some righteous welts and it burned and itched awful. I couldnít really itch though because it would all rub off and I would need to reapply. I thought my body was just adjusting still.
And then because my pits were getting all itchy and burningÖI started to sweat mid morning.
A lot.
I am not a big pit sweater by any means. I tend to sweat around my hairline if anywhere and maybe down my back a little bit. But with all the burning and redness I started to sweat big time.
I was starting to really gross myself out. I was flapping my arms up and down like a bird trying to get a little airflow to cool off my dripping itching stink pits but it didnít really work.
Then it started to snow. And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. It snowed a foot. How does the weather relate to my Hot Pits? It was really nasty out so I became preoccupied with the difficulties of commuting so much that I didnít have time to actually go and purchase non-pain causing B.O. stick.
I wash the pits off as soon as I get home thinking that if they have time to recuperate maybe it will be okay tomorrow.
Day six is a nightmare. I spend the day snapping at anyone who crosses my path like a cranky turtle. I get the new deodorant after work.
I am now on day 9 and its not over. The rash is decreased but its STILL FRIGGING THERE. It still burns from using anything on it all and I have to use something! I canít go around stinking all day. Target was out of my brand again so I got SoftnDri. Turns out it should be called StickyNWet because it goes on wet and stays wet all day.
Day Seven-STUPID FíNG SOFTNDRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stink come 4:00pm. The only benefit is my pits are no longer itchy and burning. I do stink and have wet pits. I went to three stores today but everyone is out of my brand, it was on sale everywhere this last week.

Stupid stupid HOT PITS.

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