3:07 p.m. on July 24, 2006

Today is Sasha & my 1st, 2nd & 7th anniversary.

We met 7 years ago today in a pool hall and our fate was sealed. Exactly 5 years later we got married in a cheesy chapel in Las Vegas
and won $600 playing Keno. One year ago we had a huge party and wedding re-enactment for all of our friends and family. All these years later I am even more in love; I thank the universe everyday for my good luck in finding such a genuinely good person with whom to spend my days.

When I think back on our wedding festivities last year, I am pretty proud of it. Our aim was to have a big-ass party and include everyone, even a few people we did not know or had not seen in years. It was a 4-day celebration, relaxed, happy and fun.

The bakery that made our wedding cake said they would give us a free small cake in one year. I am not saying I thought about that cake every day for a year, but I thought about it a lot. We picked it up on Friday and brought it with us on our camping trip. It was very tasty in all itís chocolate and butter cream glory. I am glad we had folks to share it with or else I might be in a cake coma right about now.

Car camping is the best because you can truck in a LOT of stuff. It gives the illusion of roughing it, when you really have many luxuries from home keeping it pretty darn comfortable. We spent 2 nights in the woods near a river and outstanding swimming hole. We took turns cooking meals and ate very well. We swam & hiked & drank malt beverages all day long. 2 women had recently been shot to death in the area, so that added a little intrigue to the weekend.

We were wiped out when we got home, but happy and contented with our little life together.


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