10:52 a.m. on May 05, 2005

Happy Cinco, Cinco, Cinco! I have an acquaintance getting married today…at 5 o’clock, of course. Sounds like a jinx, we shall see.

I am selling my car today and guess how much I am getting for it? Cinco Oh Oh! That is right, I am finally getting rid of my Saturn that has been rusting in front of my house for the last year, infuriating my neighbors enough to have them nark me out to the cops, who said I was committing the offense of littering. I put my car on Craig’s list and got dozens of responses. I lost many interested parties after I told them the scoop on the vehicle. My selling pitch was: “It runs, just not very well”. I got one guy to look at it who showed up in a new shiny, gold 4X4. He offered me $250, half of my asking price. I was insulted. Had he offered $300 I would have gone for it, but offering $250 was just being rude. He called a day later saying he would pay $300, but by then I had another guy lined up to look at it, so I said I would let him know. This other guy looked at it last night and said he would give me my asking price in cash later today. YES! Getting paid to not have to deal with this car anymore feels pretty good.

Have a fun-filled, tacquila-soaked Cinco, Cinco, Cinco day! I can’t wait until Seis, Seis, Seis day!

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