5:00 p.m. on January 31, 2006

Saturday we had a party in my honor. My birthday is not until next week, but we will be out of town & I wanted to have some special time with my Seattle family. We covered the 8 x 4 foot dining table with a ton of different types of food from homemade artichoke dip to sushi to cookies to dips and cheeses, meatballs and more plus a kick-ass chocolate cake my friend made for me. We all just sat, stood and hovered around the food-laden table eating way too much and drinking blended beverages. The running joke was elongated testicles and it was a really fun and comfortable evening.

It is still pouring, which is annoying because in a few hours Sasha & I will embark on a road trip south to see my family in California. We will take it easy on the rain soaked highway and will try to get in some site seeing as we make our way to my hometown. The purpose of the trip is to have a going away party for my little nephew who will soon be joining the Navy. He is my sisterís oldest child and the first Grandkid, so it will be traumatic for all of us, but we are so proud of him.

I will try to pop in with musings from my childhood home, if my Dad gives me 2 seconds on his computer.

Much love and peace out.


I leave you with this illusion picture of a face and a word. Can you see the word? Tilt your head to the right.

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