10:47 a.m. on March 07, 2008

I have been out sick the last few days and felt worse than I have in a long time. Sasha’s mother visited last week and she left behind some mutant cold flu hell with a touch of pneumonia. Sasha got it too and even our little baby has the saddest little cough. Our household is a cesspool of germs right now; if you held a CSI light up to it would glow bright, vibrating green. So gross. I feel better today, except my head is a helium balloon and my body is a jell-o filled latex glove.

One bright spot is that when I was home sick, my shoes arrived.

I am not a shoe girl. I have the hardest time shoe shopping, because I am so picky when it comes to comfort. I want something pretty simple and basic, but not lame and for some reason that is hard to find. One staple I am always sure to have is a plain black pair of tennis shoes. This is also a hard task, because tennis shoes very often have a white sole and it is imperative that very little white appears on my feet.

Converse has a website where (for more $$) you can basically design your own shoe by picking your own colors from the tongue, side, back, top, insides, stitching, sole stripe and laces. I picked black, black, black and black, put to add a bit of pizzazz I made some midnight blue accents to the stitching, sole stripe and laces with a blue star. I am second guessing the blue laces, but that is easily remedied. The bitchenest part? You can add a word that they stitch right on to your shoe. Check it out:

This is either the coolest thing ever or I am a complete nerd chump out some green. At any rate, I love them.

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