1:47 p.m. on May 30, 2007

Thank you thank you thank you. I have wanted to share this news for forever & it feels so good to finally unleash it to an outpouring of good wishes & love. I am so lucky.

To recap: Here are a couple of links to the tale of my infertility woes.

Basically we had been trying to get pregnant for over a year to no avail; it was extremely frustrating to deal with the monthly disappointment. I finally saw a fertility specialist in early February who put us on a path to insemination. This is actually a series of tests (one painful), hormone boosts, doctor visits and finally the turkey baster all within a complicated time schedule surrounding my cycle. We would have had it done that very month, but I had already planned to be out of town when I would need to do that first test.

The plan was to go for it in March, but that would mean a Christmas baby & no one wants to be a Christmas baby, but putting it off until April sounded ridiculous. As magic, luck or whatever the hell would have it, we did not have to worry about it after all, because we ended up doing it all by ourselves that February anyway!

It may have been that since we had a plan, I finally relaxed and put away all the thermometers, calendars, ovulation kits, etc. The conception date just happened to fall on the weekend my sister and her husband were visiting, otherwise known as Karaoke Xbox weekend. We had so much fun and I had not laughed so hard in months. Having good family vibes, plus good song & laughter was our key to fertility. All those pomegranate martinis did not hurt either.

I am 4 months along today. I wanted to tell the world sooner, but was having some freakish complications that were pretty scary. They have since gone away and I seem to be doing just fine. I have had several ultrasounds already & have been able to see the little baby moving around a lot and have been able to hear and see itsí little heart beating. I do not yet know the sex, but have an idea. I wonít get that confirmed for another month.

I do feel so lucky, because I do know that some people have had way more serious fertility problems and have gone through so much more than I have.

Sometime in Mid-November, we will get to meet Cloudy Jr. and although I am freaked out and a little scared, I think it will be pretty cool.

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