12:11 p.m. on June 12, 2007

Sasha mentioned that we should look into finding a pediatrician before the baby is born in case there are immediate issues.

HUH? I had not even thought about that. I am certain I did not have a pediatrician. I do not remember ever going to the same doctor twice and can in fact count the number of times that I have a memory of going to a doctor as an adolescent on one hand.

1. My first memory of going to the doctor was to get the last of my childhood vaccines when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I am sure I cried. I don’t recall if it hurt, I just remember the lollypop I got at the end of it.

2. My next trip to the doctor was at about 10 years old to find out if there was some reason why I was still wetting the bed. I was diagnosed with small bladder disorder. The “treatment” was for me to hold my pee an extra 30 minutes to stretch that baby out. Now my bladder is the size of an Olympic swimming pool. NOT!

3. The third time was actually a trip to the hospital after I fell out of tree while chasing a squirrel. I cracked my head open on some large rocks and expelled an impressive amount of blood. 10 stitches later I was back home for some hot cocoa in fresh PJ’s. My dad removed my stitches himself a few weeks later.

4. After a terrible illness that accompanied a fever of 104, my face began to swell and harden. The doctor said I had an abscessed tooth from some botched dentistry and gave me some antibiotics or something. I was out for a week and at the worst of it my face looked like that kid from that 80’s movie MASK. I am still mad that we did not take any pictures of me then.

5. The last time I went to the doctor as a kid living at home was when I was 17 and for some reason my Mom & I got a regular check up together. It was very weird. First he examined her while I watched and vice versa. This was just looking into our throats, ears, etc. and reading our blood pressure, but still. I was nervous about him lifting up my shirt to listen to me breathe, so my breathing came out all choppy and scared and he snickered the whole time. I still remember his greasy face and his scraggy brown beard.

I did not go to the doctor again until I was 19 years old and finally ventured into a San Francisco free clinic for my very first pelvic exam as detailed here.

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