The Dentist
1:51 p.m. on May 17, 2005

I got a tooth pulled today. It was an unexpected event caused by a faulty crown that fell off last night; the tooth beneath it did not fair too well, so the dentist pulled it, or rather PRIED it out of my head. I have bad teeth in general, something I like to blame on my Irish heritage and my pension for sweets. Because of this, I spent many hours at the dentist as a kid. I think I have a fairly high pain threshold due to my many excruciating visits to the dental chair.

Dental technology has improved exponentially over the years, so I do not really fear getting work done. The worst part is the waiting for the Novocain to kick in. The second worst part is the cost. Dental insurance SUCKS! I can only get a few procedures done a year before the insurance caps.

Anyway, today was not so bad. My Dentist is the organizer of the polish film festival and always has some interesting titled film tapes laying around, like something called Russian Striptease and another called Death in Poland. His dental assistant is a striking blond model with gorgeous brown eyes and a shy smile. The fact that she does not speak much English just adds to her charm. She kept dabbing my face with a cloth and smearing Vaseline on my mouth to prevent tearing & cracking.

Because the tooth was below the gum line, it was not something he could really grab on to and pull, but more dig out and pry with what looked like a futuristic screwdriver. I was afraid he was going to break my jaw, because that is what he was grabbing on to for leverage. I am glad I drink my milk, because I kept envisioning my jaw just snapping off like the old Mummy movies. He dug and dug and pried and pried for about 30 minutes before it was all said and done. Then he stitched me up and I was on my way. I have a lot of work to be done in the next few months, including A THREE-HOUR CLEANING, so this should be fun. Maybe I will get to watch one of his cool Polish films next visit.

Sorry if this was a dull post, but I am on Vicoden, and I could probably just sit here and stare at a spot on the wall for the next 4 hours and be riveted.

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