12:25 p.m. on January 19, 2006

I feel dead inside.

My heart is lackluster, my ass is dragging, and my face is expressionless.

My resolution to cut back on sugar may be to blame for my insulin-poor slump.

Maybe it is because my job is currently wiping its ass with me.

Or could it be due to the 100 days in a row of dirty gray skies hiding the sun and filling our streets with rainwater? (Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle & the rain (they don’t call me cloudy for nothing), but I am only human & vitamin D is an essential part of keeping your head out of the blender).

I better drink some coffee before my heart stops beating altogether.

Despite my sheer lack of motivation for living, it still does not prevent me from posting today; that is how dedicated I am. You’re welcome.


Campbell’s has a new version of Chicken Noodle Soup that comes in a microwavable cup with a sippy lid, so you drink it like a soda without wasting precious moments trying to maneuver a spoon. We have some at work, & since I eat lunch at my desk while I work, I thought I would give it a try.

First of all, it does not really save any time. You have to remove the metal lid as well as the plastic sippy lid before microwaving for the same amount of time you would microwave a bowl of soup. Drinking the soup is nice when you are on the go, but is not cracker friendly. The soup itself tastes pretty narly, like salty oil. It has strange tiny noodles & bits of chicken that sink to the bottom, so once you are done drinking the broth, you are left with a grotesque noodle-y sludge that you have to slurp through the sippy hole. I give this a thumb down.

We finally got TiVo…er…well…a bastard form of TiVo from Comcast called DVR. I call it DiVo. You can swap your Comcast cable box for it for no charge & then have an additional $10 monthly fee. I Avoided this new way of recording TV shows (so you never miss anything ever again) for a long time, because I worried that it would create even more TV watching in my already TV saturated world. I was also concerned about the commercial skipping making me out of touch with what is happening in the land of consumerism. So far it is only enhancing my TV viewing, because instead of just watching whatever is on during dinner/primetime, we can watch one of our favorite shows we missed during the week. Now instead of feeing like I need to stay up to see “ER” or “Project Runway”, I can go to bed and READ A BOOK!

My one worry is that since I made the judgment call to DiVo LOST last night instead of watching it live I am doomed to worry about accidental spoilers until we can watch it.

Pausing live TV for potty or snack breaks rules. I give this a thumb up.

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