I think they got your number
3:20 p.m. on March 23, 2007

GPS systems are so cool. My brother-in-law got one for the trip when he and my sister drove out here to visit last month and it really added an element of être à l'aise to the driving experience. You type in a destination and then you just sit back and let it guide you. Of course it comes complete with a sensual female voice announcing when it is time to turn or how much further before you should change lanes, so you feel fairly soothed for the whole journey. We named her Gloria.

We used Gloria when I took them on a day trip to Whidbey Island, an area I had been to before, but only as a passenger, so I was not confident with my ability to get us there smoothly. I am directionally challenged to the max anyway, so this was perfect. It even told us when to board the ferry and knew right where we were when we de-boarded.

The kicker is you can never get lost. As soon as you make an unauthorized turn it will compute a whole new route and continue to lead you back toward the original destination. She does not like it when you veer from the chosen path, however and will give a mighty sigh and say in a cantankerous tone: “RECALCULATING”.

We tried to trick Gloria by turning on the tiniest road in the middle of nowhere, but she knew EXACTLY where we were at all times. She was talented, but a bit of a buzz kill when she bitched at us for meandering too much and not taking advantage of the passing lanes.

Now that she has gone back to California, I do miss her. Sometimes I will just look out into the sky and wave.

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