4:47 p.m. on May 19, 2008

Tim is getting married. He is one of our best friends and the longest pal Aimee & I have had in Seattle since we moved here in 1996. We wanted to do something special for him, but since we are not dudes, we did not feel it appropriate to drag Tim to a titty bar or whatever men do for a bachelor soirée. Instead, we decided to relive part of our twenties when we all lived in the Capital Hill district of Seattle for about 5 years, which is a fun, young area. We left husbands and babies at home, since it all started with just the 3 of us, and we took Tim back to the old neighborhood. First we drove to each of the places we lived over that period of time; a total of 9 different apartments between the 3 of us, all within a 10 block triangular radius. This was literally memory lane as we recollected so many different stories and things that happened at each place over the years.

We then drove to Volunteer Park, which is a great park with a museum and reservoir, and we played Frisbee. This may seem like an odd thing to do to celebrate his upcoming nuptials, but it had the same kind of therapeutic effect as taking him to a spa. During a good chunk of our friendship, that is what we did, we played Frisbee. There is something Zen about standing in a triangle with your friends, while talking about life and throwing a disc over and over. This just happened to be on the nicest day of the year so far, and it just felt good.

To continue on our path into the past, we took a walk down Broadway, where most of the shops and restaurants reside and remarked on all the changes. So many shops and eateries have come and gone. Some things have taken their place and others just sit vacant and boarded up, smeared with graffiti.

We spent the rest of the evening getting shit-faced drunk as this is how we spent the majority of our youth. We stumbled around the hood, stopping at various eateries and bars, making sure to hit the photo booth. It was damn fun and I did feel young again.

Our gift to Tim was a huge photo album filled with photos of all the special things we have done together over the years. It was a real tear jerker and filled our hearts with a happy knot as we perused the book together.

We also gave him a Hot Damn Shot glass. Hot Damn is DeKuyper® Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps, a sweet, fiery red cinnamon liqueur that is 100 proof. For some reason the 3 of us drank a bottle of it together one night in 1998. The drunkenness of the night is legendary as we almost burnt down Aimee’s apartment. After drinking the stuff for half the night, we decided to see if it would light on fire like you see in the movies. Of course by then, the sticky liquid was all over my hand and all over the rug, so one touch of the lighter to the shot glass, and poof! My arm caught fire and spread to the carpet. No one got burned, but we surely suffered the next morning when we woke up in a pile on the cold, hard floor covered in schnapps and Girl Scout cookies.

Good times.




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