10:00 a.m. on November 02, 2005

My little start-up healthcare company just merged with a multi-billion dollar corporation. This is good because we now have money to pay our bills. This is bad because…I am not sure why it is bad; I have never worked for a huge company before except my first job at a fast food chain.

So we have to dress it up a bit for the next few days while they are here making the change over. It is very nerve wracking and chaotic.

Anyway, Halloween was fun. It cracks me up that you can tell people to put on a costume and come over to your house, and they do. I was very impressed with the effort and creativity that went into people’s TV inspired outfits. Many were elaborate and homemade.

I was Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' O'Houlihan from M*A*S*H*, so I got to be a blond and donned Korean War era fatigues. I was going to be Flo, the waitress from that show: Alice. I had trouble finding a waitress costume, but I found one online and ordered it. I must have ordered it from a sex shop, because when it arrived it was made of rubber. It was all tits and ass. As sexy as I am (not) I could not pull off a rubber outfit, so I went the more comfortable fatigues route.

Sasha was Gilligan.

Others dressed as: Power Puff Girls; Spock; Julie, the cruise director from Love Boat; Brawnee; South Park’s Jimmy; Scrubs’ Elliott; Shaggy & Velma from Scooby Doo; Fred, Wilma & Pebbles Flintstones (great homemade outfits); Tattoo & Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island (a very small woman & her very tall boyfriend did this for a great effect); Emma Peal & John Steed from the Avengers; Harriett Meyers (our only political costume & she carried a little bush); Lisa Simpson; The Robot from Lost in Space; Magnum P.I. (complete with bushy mustache & short shorts); The Plumber from SNL; Hyde from That 70’s show; and one of the more interesting ones was a couple who came as Little House on the Prairie. They dressed up in old time clothes, but they both wore green felt shirts and when they stood together, they displayed an entire aerial view of a prairie, complete with roads, ponds, plastic animals & people & of course a little house that was glued on to his shoulder. Very cool.

I think next year we should do a horror theme, since Halloween is all about the fake blood.

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