12:14 p.m. on July 06, 2007

Thank you very much for the love and support. It sucks to already feel like a bad mommy. I feel better hearing so many other exuberant tales of falling on your ass!

I saw my doctor and she seems to think everything should be fine, but true to her form, she did manage to freak me out by saying if I had fallen 4 weeks later, I could have induced labor and therefore KILLED MY UNBORN CHILD. OK, she did not say it exactly like that, but it was implied.

Anyway, we had a lovely 4th NOT partaking in any social or patriotic event. Sasha & I barbecued like good Americans, but just for ourselves and then went to bed just as all the fireworking started. Of course it was the hottest night of the year and required us to keep our windows open, letting in all the sounds of war and machine gun fire.

We are going camping this weekend. I want to purchase an air mattress, which is camping pussy-style to Sasha, but he better take care of his pregnant wife, dammit!

We are going to the same spot we went to a few years ago when we all almost blew ourselves up with gas camping equipment. I sure hope we can be more careful this time.

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