9:53 a.m. on December 28, 2006

January: It’s raining

February: It took us a total of 13 hours driving time to get to my hometown, but we split that in two days. We spent the night in Grants Pass and made the poor choice of selecting the Motel 6 to lay our heads. Our room smelled of the worst cleaner covering up the most fowl of odors.

March: It’s OK. It’s Ok.” I told her over and over.

“You are saying it is OK to leave”, she said back to me.

I smiled and thought: No, I am saying it is OK to stay.

I wish I had said it out loud.

I wish a lot of things.

April: We live just outside of Seattle in what I guess can be called the suburbs. We are smack in between 2 freeways, but it is easy to pretend the traffic noise is just the sound of a mighty river rushing through the woods. As a natural sound wall, hundreds of tall pine and cedar trees surround the neighborhood. This adds certain loveliness to the area as well as some excitement when the wind comes through. Sasha loves the trees, but having grown up in tornado country and already having one tree fall on the house has instilled a certain paranoia in him, so he decided to have his friend come out and trim the branches and get rid of the dead bits. I would prefer using the money somewhere else, like toward a tropical vacation, but $75 a tree seemed reasonable. (EDITORS NOTE: Having this done probably saved our house during this last deadly wind storm 12/06, our neighbors’ house was not so lucky).

May: I used to talk on the telephone a lot and once spent 7 consecutive hours talking on the phone with a boy I loved who lived in another town. The invention of email has broken Ma Bells heart.

June: There is one place in my heart where time stands still and always will. The rest of me goes on goes on goes on.

July: For the extended weekend, Sasha & I went to Long beach, Washington, the world’s longest beach. When I told a co-worker where we were going for the holiday, she responded by saying: That is pretty country. I agreed that it is indeed pretty, but she corrected me by saying: No, pretty country in that they actually line dance and stuff.

August: Are you as funny as you look?

September: Is it wrong that I am attracted to my Dad’s girlfriend’s son?

October: Pleasures when in my 20’s: Drugs, drink & illicit sex
Pleasures in my 30’s: A clear freeway & hitting all the green lights on surface streets.

November: Maybe if I write about it, it will be like purging a demon, because getting knocked up is all I think about these days and I am sick of it. I never thought I would be this woman.

December: I am slightly overwhelmed.

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