4:23 p.m. on July 05, 2006

For the extended weekend, Sasha & I went to Long beach, Washington, the world’s longest beach. When I told a co-worker where we were going for the holiday, she responded by saying: That is pretty country. I agreed that it is indeed pretty, but she corrected me by saying: No, pretty country in that they actually line dance and stuff.

We stayed in a lovely cottage by the ocean and was met with perfect weather, 65 degrees and sunny. It was very windy on the beach, so we brought cheap kites to fly.

We found we were not very good kite flyers in that kind of fierce wind, so we quickly gave up and just watched the others.

There was one determined fellow who was flying a kite attached to a fishing pole. He was having his own troubles keeping his in the air, but solved the problem for a little while by adding on the weight of a sand bucket to the end of his tail.

That worked pretty well, but soon the little boy who he took the bucket from wanted it back, so Sasha offered the extra tail of our now busted kite.

That worked for a little bit.

Then another man with a physics degree offered his assistance and added the tail bit to each side of the kite.

That worked perfectly and that kite sailed far above and longer than all the others.

A part from being the world’s longest beach, it is also home of the Alligator man: Half Man, Half Alligator, found in the marsh.

We checked out the housing market while we were there…

…and an escape route.

We got back in time to attend a parade in a small community near where we live. The old person scooter section of the parade was a bit sad.

But luckily there were also some kilted specimens.

We of course ate BBQ and played with fire at our friend’s house.

I am sad the 4-day weekend is over, especially since I really just feel like taking a nap.

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