10:38 a.m. on March 14, 2005

KS & I went to Catholic School together. She was just there until third grade, but I was stuck for the full 8 years. I cannot say that we were friends back then. In fact, there was this one time in the first grade when she was pissing me off so bad while we were waiting in line after recess. I got so mad that I hauled off and punched her in the back. What made matters worse, is that she was wearing a back brace because she had recently been hit by a car. She screamed and the teacher yelled at her, not me.

Fast forward to High School when somehow we became good friends. She was the exact opposite of my shy self. She had a take no prisonerís attitude and would not let you get a way with any bullshit. She was super smart and would tell you exactly what she thought without screwing around with trying to spare your feelings.

When the high school elections came around, kids were running for student body president and treasurer and secretary, etc. They would campaign and put up posters to ask you to vote for them. KS got a crazy idea to start campaigning for me as a write-in candidate. She made these elaborate posters and stuck them all around the campus. They said: VOTE FOR COLLEN FOR EVERYTHING. SHE KNOWS WHERE INDIA IS. -or- VOTE FOR COLLEEN FOR EVERYTHING. SHE LIKES BUTTERFLIES. I was half mortified and half honored. Kids I never met before would come up to me and tell me they voted for me. It was a bizarre moment.

Towards the end of high school, I remember hanging out with KS at her house. We were doing drugs and talking shit. Then I found her Dadís gun. It was just sitting there in the curio cabinet in the living room. I started playing with it and holding it to my head like an idiot. I really wanted to go outside and shoot it. KS seemed game for a minute, but then talked me out of it. I like to think that KS kept me from becoming a statistic.

Now KS is a Public Defender in L.A. She is still as forthright as ever. I think that one day she should run for everything.

Here is a picture of KS at my 8th birthday party (she is the one facing the camera).

This is us in the 3rd grade.

Here we are in high school. I totally had a mullet!

Happy Birthday, KS, I hope I know you forever.

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