2:15 p.m. on September 19, 2007
1. I am so tired
2. there is nothing in my brain
3. nothing going on
4. other than thoughts about my discomfort
5. my butt hurts
6. I am getting carpal tunnel really bad (a side effect)
7. sometimes the baby’s elbow gets lodged weird and gives me the strangest ache
8. it is really not that bad
9. mostly the exhaustion
10. and the fact that I am starving most of the time now that I have to watch my carbs
11. I was told if I feel hungry to drink a tall glass of water with lemon
12. let the party BEGIN!
13. boo!
14. I am enjoying this stage, really
15. it is all so new and different everyday
16. but half the enjoyment is getting to complain
17. anyway…
18. I cannot understand people who read books while walking down the street
19. how can they concentrate on either thing?
20. Plus, it is weird.
21. I bet the new chick on The View never reads while walking
22. or sitting or standing
23. She does not know if the world is flat or not
24. I find this amazing
26. The View needs to be canceled
27. They are making women look bad at this point
28. I don’t care if they have heated discussions
29. I care that they have intelligent discussions
30. and don’t talk to me about OJ.
31. I don’t want to know that he MIGHT get 30 years.
32. I will believe it when I see it.
33. Work is throwing me a little baby shower next week
34. it is so not a surprise
35. I had to pick the cake (that I should not really eat)
36. give the money out of petty cash to pay for the cake
37. give a list of staff who would sign the card…
38. and tell them what gift to purchase
39. I should give them an extra $10 for balloons or something…
40. anyway, that is nice of them…
41. what else what else what else what else what else what else what else what else what else..?
42. Fart, fart, I like to fart, fart
43. Today I forgot my two sugar-free oatmeal cookies that I get to eat with my lunch
44. Totally devastated!
45. I need a haircut
46. I am wearing maternity underpants right now
47. full coverage, just a bit too large
48. I could wear them front to back or back to front and it would not matter either way
49. at least they are hot pink to give it a touch of sexy factor
50. or old lady chic
51. anyway…

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