11:29 a.m. on February 28, 2005

OK, so I watched the Oscars and actually got excited about it. I tried to see most of the films that were up for some sort of nomination. I saw all the films that were nominated for Best Picture, Best Male Lead and Best Male Supporting, but I only saw 2 out of the 5 films that were nominated for Best Actress. What the hell? Oops.

Despite the beautiful set, the show was fraught with technical difficulties. When the commercials were over, there was quite often a person wearing all black scurrying off the stage at the last second. There were quite a few booms and accidental noises while prestigious actors were trying to read Teleprompters. They were trying something new by having some of the presenters stand in the audience, but there were far too many empty seats caught on camera and I thought that was a no-no.

I like Chris Rock and that he went after Bush a bit, but he left something to be desired and his boob jokes were offensive & lame. The bit with him interviewing people at the Magic Johnson Theater was hilarious, however. I never knew how many people loved the film: White Chicks.

It was a tie for best speech between Morgan Freeman and the guy who won for best song. Morgan said 5 words and then skeedaddled and the other guy sang a pretty tune and then said: CIAO! Hilary Swank can learn a thing or two from Morgan Freeman.

I was super bummed for Scorsese. Why will they not give him a damn Oscar!? Does the academy hate him? I do not understand why Clint would win over Marty. I mean, I loved Million Dollar Baby: I got a migraine from balling so hard after that movie, but The Aviator was amazingly directed. I mean the way he made the film look exactly like film actually looked through each era it covered was superb and that plane crash was magnificent. I hope he does not give up on movie making after being unacknowledged for so many years. Sorry Marty.

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