12:46 p.m. on August 08, 2007

When my sister called just before her visit to suggest we plan a day to get our toes and fingernails done, I was ecstatic. Getting my nails done is not something I ever do. I had only gotten my toes done one other time and that was for my own wedding. It is just not something I would do by myself, but is a fun bonding girly activity when you have someone to do it with.

I picked a place near to my house and made a reservation. We walked in and were immediately told to pick a color. We may have been spending too much time figuring out what color we wanted, because the lady waiting to do our toes was getting impatient. She kept shaking her head disapprovingly.

Once we picked our toe colors (blue for me and pink for my sister who was next headed to Las Vegas), we headed over to sit where the one woman was waiting for us. My sister let me go first. I sat down in the comfy leather chair and soaked my feet in the hot water. My sister sat down next to me and quickly figured out that the chair was of the massage variety and turned it on with much groaning and fan fair. I tried to get mine to work, but the remote was all busted up looking and unresponsive. I asked the woman if the chair worked and she just barked that it did not work and kept contemptuously shaking her head. It took me another few minutes to figure out that she was not shaking her head at me on purpose, but was actually suffering from a mild case of palsy. I was still getting the vibe that she hated me though, and I did not blame her.

Soon another worker came over to help my sister and we were both really enjoying the pampering of the foot and calf massage and hot towels. Before they started painting our toes, they first put our feet in heated plastic baggies. We did not know what this did, but it was fun. Here is a photo of my feet in the bags combined with the pregnant belly shot:

It felt so good to have my hands massaged and it was so nice to have all 20 nails cleaned up and looking pretty. My sister treated and that was another wonderful bonus.

When we got back home, we told my sisterís husband about our day. He said that Palsy is a common illness that people get who work in nail salons. Commonly-used chemicals in nail salons can cause nervous system, reproductive and skin damage, respiratory illness and cancer.

Shit. But it is 10 days later and my nails still look awesome.

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