1:05 p.m. on September 04, 2007

I apologize for yet another pregnancy post, but the one thing about this pregnancy is that it has been all-consuming. The majority of that has to do with all the appointments it creates. I have had hundreds of doctor appointments, lab appointments, ultrasound appointments and more doctor appointments. Now I have to go to a diabetic nurse and also a nutritionist. On top of all this, our birthing class started last week, which runs two hours every week for SEVEN weeks! Maybe all this is to prepare me for how busy a baby keeps you, but dang!

So it looks like I have gestational diabetes after all. I did not get retested after barfing in the middle of the last test, but put directly on the program which consists of counting carbs while pairing them with protein. I also have to prick my finger 4 times a day to test my blood sugar. I was alarmed to find that some of my post-meal numbers were high after eating regular food, so I guess I really have this thing and really do need to sit straight and fly right. DANG. At first I was bummed I could not binge on ice cream if I wanted. I mean, the third trimester is when you crave it the most and when you are actually allowed to eat it, but NOO! Now I am just super bummed that I cannot even eat a bowl of cheerios in the morning without potentially causing harm to this kid attached to my insides. After only 5 days on this diet, I have lost 5 pounds, a no-no at this stage of pregnancy. But what do they expect? Cut out my main food staple of sugar and guess what happens?!?!

My doc severely freaked me out when I saw her this morning. She said if my blood pressure gets any higher, I will be on bed rest and the health of me and my baby can be compromised. I have to say, that kind of worry about my blood pressure does absolutely nothing to help my blood pressure.

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