Do's & Don'ts of PMS
11:19 a.m. on March 15, 2005

What to do and not to do while you are suffering from PMS.

1. Do not have that important “talk” with your significant other.
2. Do take Pamprin or whatever kind of medication that gives you some sort of relief (you do not have to suffer).
3. Do not send an email to your friend trying to explain your feelings. They will be confused and annoyed.
4. Do take a hot bath with lots of bubbles.
5. Do not make any sweeping statements that are vaguely intense; you may regret it.
6. Do know that your feelings are real and valid, but they are magnified times a thousand.
7. Do not make major life decisions.
8. Do not despair or give up.
9. Do wait it out.
10. Do take your vitamins.
11. Do not blame yourself.
12. Do not detest your mate.
13. Do not cut your own hair.
14. Do not call a family member expecting them to understand.
15. Do not spontaneously move to a foreign country.
16. Do not go clothes shopping.
17. Do eat chocolate, but not all of it.
18. Do not punch someone who tells you that you are being irrational.
19. Do kick someone who asks if you are: “on the rag”.
20. Avoid stressful talks with your boss.
21. Do not cry at work.
22. Do cry at home or in the car.
23. Do not quit your job.
24. Do stay in bed if you can.
25. Do watch a sad movie, preferably alone.
26. Do read a good fiction novel.
27. Do draw pictures or take photographs.
28. Do not ask someone to honestly critique your work.
29. Do not ask your partner if they still love you.
30. Do write in your diary, but do not post online until you wait 10 days and proof read.
31. Do know that you are not alone.

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