12:30 p.m. on November 13, 2006

On Friday we headed off to spend two nights in a cabin in Treefrog Woods near Port Townsend (a little harbor town about 2 hours from Seattle). We needed to take a ferry to get there & ended up missing two ferries due to a traffic jam caused by recent flooding.

I had never been to Treefrog woods and had selected the cabin based solely on an internet search and some emails exchanged with the owner. When we got there, we found that the cabin was basically in the owner’s back yard. We almost ran over a spooky little blond haired boy who was running around in the dark. There was a note on the unlocked door of the cabin from the owner telling us to make ourselves at home. The cabin looked very quaint and woodsy, but we received quite a shock when we opened the door to go inside: It was excruciatingly small. There was room for one bed and little else. There were no chairs or even a bedside table. There was a little nook with a stove top, a mini fridge and a sink. There was another nook with a toilet and a shower. It was cute, clean and cozy, but only one of us could move around at one time. I would laugh hysterically every time I moved and bumped into a wall.

This shot of Sasha standing next to the cabin should give you some perspective:

I slept on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, which was convenient, because the toilet was only 2 feet away for when I needed to go in the middle of the night. The drawback was that the TOILET WAS ONLY 2 FEET AWAY FROM MY HEAD AS I SLEPT.

We got up pretty early and showered, which was a feat in itself. The shower was so small, that if you dropped the soap, you would have to stick your butt out the shower curtain to be able to bend down and pick it up.

We got a break in the rain long enough to walk around the very cute, little town, have breakfast and look in the shops. We then began a little road trip out to Hurricane Ridge with a plan to play in the snow and check out the sights. Sasha borrowed a tape from the library that was a car tour of the drive up the mountain that told us what sights to look out for as we drove along and gave us some history of the area. It was surprisingly fun until just 5 miles from the ridge when our adventure was cut short as the road up the rest of the way was closed due to all the recent rains and flooding.

We were not too daunted, because all the combined sights of snowy mountains, forests and bodies of water we had seen so far were so gorgeous, it was fun just driving around.

We did hatch plan b, which was to drive up another mountain in the Olympic Peninsula to where were heard there were hot springs. We had our towels and swimsuits in the trunk and despite the cold weather we planned to dunk in the springs, if we could find them.

We drove up another windy road covered in gravel and enjoyed all the trees and lakes and mountain views, it was quite breathtaking.

As we approached the top of the mountain, it began to rain pretty hard which then turned to sleet. We decided the drive up was enough and that we could skip actually submerging ourselves in the springs, as it was still a 2 mile hike and we were not prepared for the icy rain.

When heading back down the mountain, we saw a fawn:

On our drive back to the cabin, we happened upon a protest for peace on Veterans day:

On our last morning, after a good sleep in our little room, we woke up to chickens wandering outside the cabin:

I like this shot of the rooster near the BBQ pit as though he is ready for his fate.

Suddenly there was a peacock:

We followed him and the chickens to a pen that housed some wood ducks, pheasants and this colorful creature:

There was even a turkey.

Although, with Thanksgiving coming up, I think we know the fate of the turkey:

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